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Art Miami, The Art Miami Pavillion - 3-8.12.2019, Miami, USA

Group Exhibition / www.artparis.com/en

Art Paris Art Fair 2019, Grand Palais - 4-7.04.2019, Paris, France

Group Exhibition / www.artparis.com/en

Exposed and Unfiltered, Gallery 371 - 01-17.03.2019, Sydney, Australia

Solo Exhibition

Private Collection, PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) - 26.02.2019, Sydney, Australia

Solo Exhibition / www.pexa.com.au

Fetish: Fierce & Fearless - Art Show, Studio Kink - 15.02.2019, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition / www.studiokink.com/fierce-and-fearless

Fiera Contemporanea, Cesena Fiera - 26-29.10.2018, Cesena, Italy

Group Exhibition / www.fieracontemporanea.it

Anti-Fair for Independent Artists, Clio Art Fair - 11-14.10.2018, New York, USA

Group Exhibition / www.clioartfair.com

Pole Theatre Australia, National Institute of Dramatic Arts - 07.07.2018, Sydney, Australia

Solo Exhibition / www.poletheatresydney.com

Art On The Streets, Waverley Council - 06.07.2018, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition

Connect, RAW Artists - 14.06.2018, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition / www.rawartists.org

Magnify, RAW Artists - 18.04.2018, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition / www.rawartists.org

Ties That Blind, ONCA Gallery - 03.2017, Brighton, UK

Solo Exhibition / www.onca.org.uk

Love Is Love, Hanover House Gallery - 02.2017, Lewes, UK

Old Blues #1, Frameless Gallery - 07.2015, London, UK

Group Exhibition / www.framelessgallery.com

50 Shades Of Rose, Peldon Rose Gallery - 27.03.2015, Essex, UK

Solo Exhibition

Graduate Show, University of Brighton - 6.06.2014, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibition / www.brighton.ac.uk

Truth, Mowlem Street Studios - 4.07.2013, London, UK

Solo Exhibition / www.mowlemstudios.com

In-Transition, University of Brighton - 26.03.2013, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibition / www.brighton.ac.uk

Hidden Talent, No.5 Cavendish Square - 10.2012, London, UK

Group Exhibition

Artists Formally Known As, Grey Area Gallery - 06.2012, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibition / www.greyareagallery.org

Final Show, Norwich University of Arts - 03.2011, Norwich, UK

Group Exhibition / www.nua.ac.uk

Foundation, Hastings College of Arts -  06.2010, Hastings, UK

Group Exhibition / www.sussexcoast.ac.uk

Born In The Basement, Born Gallery - 28.05.2010, Hastings, UK

Group Exhibition

Awards & Collections


Private Solo Collection, PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), Sydney, Australia ~ 2019-Present

'Avatar Painting' Main Collection, Sussex Coast College Hastings, UK ~ 2010-Present

Exhibition Reviews & Press Releases

Provocative Artist Catherine Lee Exhibits Her “Exposed & Unfiltered” Art in a Solo Show

Sydney, Australia – 10 February, 2019, / - Internationally exhibited fine artist Catherine Lee announces that she will be exhibiting her most recent series in a solo show “Exposed & Unfiltered” at Gallery 371 in Marrickville, Sydney. Catherine Lee is an artist who is known for creating provocative and expressive paintings and sculptures that push the boundaries of social acceptance and taboo art. She will be exhibiting her latest collection at Gallery 371 from 1st-10th March 2019 with the private view and opening drinks on Friday 1st March from 6pm-10pm.

The artwork selected to be displayed encompasses both abstract and figurative painting and vibrantly expressive sculpture. Using oil, inks or acrylic paint, Catherine’s artwork creates an engaging energy within each individual piece. Present across this body of work will see thick layering of paint contrasted with smooth fluid drips in paintings of a variety of sizes.

The themes this art show will explore are controversial concepts surrounding social media, the effects it has on its everyday users and how we have become desensitized to what it promotes. The artwork that will be shown focuses particularly on our desire for perfection and the beauty influences derived through social media and advertising, including the false realities created through these platforms. This collection also highlights how our perceptions change when an image is produced through a painting rather than photograph, and the double standards set throughout society on what is acceptable.

Catherine Lee lives in Sydney, Australia and has been an artist there and in England, UK for more than 12 years. Regarding this show, Catherine stated “I am pleased to exhibit this new body of art, it expresses common experiences and feelings that I think many will relate to”.

Catherine Lee has most recently exhibited her art in New York, London, Sydney and Italy. She has upcoming art shows in Italy, Studio K in Sydney and her artwork will also be presented at Art Paris Art Fair 2019 in France and Art Miami 2019 in USA. Throughout her career, Catherine Lee has been known to create artwork that engages viewers through her raw and vital subject matter. She is a young artist with an agenda to expose preconceptions surrounding feminine sexuality and pressures of how we project ourselves to the public eye.

Contact Information:

Where: “Gallery 371”, 371 Enmore Road, Marrickville, Sydney, NSW 2204 from 1st-10th March. Private view and opening drinks on Friday 1st March from 6pm-10pm. This art exhibit will be on view Wednesday to Sunday 10am-6pm and Monday & Tuesday by appointment only.



Geoff Hands - A Quick One? - 17.03.18


"The culturally induced expectations, particularly of women, that render them as eye-candy for the male-gaze, provides an appropriate subject matter for a young female artist with an active feminist agenda to explore: but begs the question as to why audiences might need reminding of the pressures of appearance and behaviour that remain both insidiously and blatantly prevalent."

"Linked to human rights and enlightened by some common understanding of a fair society, the expression of ‘equality in the workplace’ is in danger of becoming a truism if it remains no more than a well meaning, but dull statement, and actions fail to speak louder than words. This graphic image is shocking for the right reasons."

"Some of the imagery appears to have been appropriated from pornographic sources, but a wider net is cast by depicting unnervingly, child centred, imagery from the cartoon characters that incongruously appear in some of the paintings, to provide disturbing juxtapositions."

"The dripping paint emphasizes the wall of colour on a surface that eschews visual perspective in favour of the abstract expressionist’s insistence on non-illusionistic imagery. As the drips flow in virtually all directions and the aforementioned heads are shown the right-way-up, diagonally placed and upside down, the steady gaze of the onlooker is also challenged."


"There is much to be read into subject matter that remains current and vital – and will sustain a promising career."





Connect, RAW Artists - 14.06.2018, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition


Magnify, RAW Artists - 18.04.2018, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition


Ties That Blind, ONCA Gallery - 03.2017, Brighton, UK

Solo Exhibition


Graduate Show, University of Brighton - 6.06.2014, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibition


In-Transition, University of Brighton - 26.02.2013, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibition


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