Catherine Lee is an internationally exhibited fine artist specialising in painting and drawing based in Sydney, Australia with studios also in London, UK. Growing up in Mallorca, Spain, Catherine has since exhibited in New York, London, Italy and Sydney with upcoming art shows also in Paris and Miami. Catherine's practice explores the relationship between colour, movement and abstraction through expressive mark making and raw brushwork.  Her work strives to highlight extreme manipulations associated with the male gaze, through female empowerment and its controversial sensuality, using free flowing paint contrasted with harsh disruptions.

Throughout her more figurative work, Catherine illustrates a connection between taboo subjects and instinctive responses to female objectification. Figures are eroticised and sensually exaggerated to express the over sexualisation of women in social media and advertising, juxtaposing notions of raw vulnerability and primitive desire.

As an artist, Catherine isn't afraid to question these topics and the powerful impact they have on our perception of the female form and the role of the male gaze in modern culture. Catherine incorporates multiple mediums ranging from oil, acrylic and spray paint to create a fluid movement and intense impression.

Particular reference is given to to the pressures placed on women in social media and the false reality created through these platforms. Influenced by the works of Marlene Dumas, Cecily Brown and Willem De Kooning; Catherine endeavours to embrace controversial concepts by exposing a raw insight to an underworld world that is projected to the viewer under the criticism of what is socially acceptable and the public eye.